Welcome to Octaplex! 👋 Explore an ecosystem with a unique and revolutionary concept bringing a new template for the future development of DeFi and yield bearing tokens. Recently we have witnessed many crypto projects being created bringing new ideas and concepts to the markets. Lots of the recent projects have tried to implement already seen concepts in a new way, or have simply copied an existing code and labeled it differently to the project they own. Rarely have they brought something new and a fair amount of these projects have been only pump and dumps, or even worse - scams.

We have looked at all kinds of these projects, researched the most successful ones; which have most often stayed at the place of good, but unfulfilled, potential. In-depth research and a close follow up of these projects has provided a pretty good picture of their issues as well as positive aspects they have made. Paired up with experience from our own past project development, and a long period of networking and investing in the crypto markets, we have decided to create a project that is solving the issues current projects have, and bring a new concept that is upgrading the concepts recent (successful) projects have been building on. That is when the idea of Octaplex was made!

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