About Octaplex network

About Octaplex network

Octaplex is an ecosystem network and a frictionless yield token on Binance Smart Chain that is creating a network of tokens while bringing brand new ideas to the popular yield concept; which are improving it and building a new template that will most likely be used in numerous projects after Octaplex paves the way with this new concept. Octaplex network developers have made a great effort to create a brand new and freshly written contract, from scratch. Why was this so? We wanted to be completely sure that we are creating is ours and that we know every part of it. Contracts written and copied by most projects can have flaws and unclear parts which we didn't want to risk with in Octaplex. Our contract is very complex and would be very difficult to write our contract mechanics upon a pre-written code, so Octaplex developers have created a new and unique code for the smart contract. Our code includes many mechanics and features which aim to stabilize the price, reduce pump and dumps, reward holders in a unique and exciting way, bring a fun aspect to the "game" through lotteries and airdrops and enable the opportunity for lots of partnerships. We wish to create a long-term project and a nice community where we may be transparent, positive and creatively oriented so that Octaplex receives it's spot in the top crypto projects.

About the name

Octaplex is a complex geometrical shape which resembles the ecosystem that is being developed through our project. As our ecosystem shall include multiple #bsc tokens (and possibly even bridges to other chains in the future) which all together create our ecosystem and are connected to our central point which is the $PLX token. From the basis of the ecosystem which is our token, the network expands outwards to other tokens and partner projects. The tokens which are to be included in our network at launch is only the beginning. We are looking forward to our future and are thankful for the present partnerships with other legitimate and strong projects. As the shape of Octaplex has many node points connected to each other, in the same way do we plan to create our ecosystem with more tokens and added functionalities, partnerships and utilites. The branding Octaplex is unique, represents a model of our ecosystem and is not familiar to most people; making it an ideal name to our project.

Features and contract overview

Octaplex is built as an ecosystem and a network of tokens, incorporating the frictionless yield idea with multiple contract mechanics and features that are bringing a revolution to the yield concept. What is unique about our contract?
  1. 1.
    Octaplex aims to create an ecosystem of tokens in which users shall be rewarded and will be able to get special deals by holding our native $PLX token as well as our partner project tokens. Users will vote on incorporating new tokens from their favourite projects on a constant basis. This opens the doors to lots of partnerships with legit teams as well as incorporating new functionalities to the ecosystem, including even bridging between different chains in our network as one of the future development aims.
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    Project will reward it's holders in multiple tokens of choice. Every holder can choose up to 6 different tokens in different ratios that they can get directly rewarded with into their wallet, without the need to stake or farm - by frictionless yield.
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    Price stabilizing mechanics will ensure that there is no need to check the chart every minute in fear of sudden price movement.
  4. 4.
    Anti-whale mechanics The contract ensures a fair game where standard and small investors can participate without whales holding major parts of the supply.
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    Deflationary aspect Every transaction will include a tax out of which a portion shall get automatically bought back to increase the price and immedietly burned so that the supply decreases and value goes up.
  6. 6.
    Lottery Every buy transaction will ensure that you enter the lottery effortlessly. For every buy there is a 5% chance that the order amount gets a 2x multiplier! Ensured automatically by the contract.
  7. 7.
    Claiming dapp Users are able to choose if they wish to use the auto-claim function or claim their rewards manually through the dapp. Default settings include a 100% claim in $BNB until the users selects their preference of tokens.
The team has carefully studied the markets behaviour and hundreds of projects in research on how to give Octaplex the highest possible chances to establish itself as one of the strongest projects in the Binance Smart Chain, and even in a new chain later on. All the mechanisms written into the contract are aiming to ensure the fairest possible market where small investors will have the same opportunities as bigger ones. The team has not grown fond of quick pump n' dumps so that is why in Octaplex so much of the mechanisms will motivate investors to think long term. We want to create a stable price and a strong community so that further development can be done while creating a good marketing network to keep the project stabily growing and expanding.
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