The team members at Octaplex are having a vision of creating and ecosystem network of different tokens where one can get exposure to multiple tokens simply by holding the $PLX native token of the network. As far as we are informed; this has not been created before in the Binance Smart Chain network, or even any other blockchain as we have only seen users being rewarded with a pre-choosen token, whereas in our network users will be able to choose which tokens and at what % ratios they want to be rewarded with. This is the reason we believe our concept will be a game changer and is paving the new way of yield creation and evolution of DeFi. Our future vision includes expanding to new blockchains, or even creating our own, as well as bridging different chains of tokens, lots of legitimate and valuable partnership and expanding our network through them & opening the possibilities of new functionalities and utilities. Currently in the Binance Smart Chain network projects are very short lived and investing demands a rushed and quick decision making process, either to buy or sell; as all the price movement happens in the course of minutes and hours for a majority of projects. We have also created Octaplex with the aim to change this, after our well researched decision to incorporate all our mechanics into the contract. We wish to create a project where the bases of the investing opportunity is our thoroughly written contract along with a strong community and network built upon it. Our aim is to build a stable project which will give us developers the chance to develop further with the community into a much larger future, instead of simply moving on to a new project after a few days or weeks, as the trend has unfortunately been in the Smart Chain network. We do not see the point or much fun into building a project for months only to abandon it several days after it has launched. That is why we have a prepared network of marketers, projects and development ideas for further development into large network in the future. For this we wish to create a stable community to provide us the opportunities needed. Collaboration, helpfulness and cooperation is welcome and we value all good connections with kind people.
Partnerships will be one of our aims as we wish to network with legit and honest project creators, developers and marketers. We have already started certain partnership deals where we can benefit each other through mutual benefit, promotion and incorporating quality tokens and new functionalities into our rewards system! Voted by the community. Join us on the path to creating a new way of finance and setting the grounds to built further upon our concepts. We are strong believers in DEFI and shall stay here for a long time, involved in creating new possibilities and expanding the present ones into a more equal financial game where opportunities are open for good people.
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