Max Supply: 1,000,000 (one million) 5% supply/presale 92,5% launch 0.5% Admin team 2% Airdrops

Buy tax

Tax: 10% (slippage 11%)
    4% Payouts in $BTCB, $ETH, $BUSD, $MATIC, $ADA, $BNB & $PLX
    4% Auto buyback
    1% Marketing in $Bnb
    0.6% admin
    0.4% mods

Sell tax

Selling tax is time dependent:
Sell tax Selling tax is time dependent:
    After 1min-4h slippage 49%
    After 4-24h slippage 40%
    1-3d slippage 35%
    4-7 days slippage 30%
    8-13 days slippage 25%
    14-28 days slippage 20%
    29- 56 days slippage 17%
    After 56days slippage 15%
* After launch, not hodl time!


โ†’ all the sellers tax is given back in multiple tokens โ†’ no $PLX price dump from selling the sell tax
Out of the seling tax:
    50% holders in $BTCB, $ETH, $ADA, $MATIC, $BNB, $BUSD & $PLX
    35% liquidity to pancakeswap
    6% promo
    1% airdrops
    2% lottery
    4% admin in bnb
    2% Mods in bnb
All the tokenomics including the transaction taxes incentivise and reward holders, bring an interesting aspect to the investing side and aim to provide a relaxed investing experience where holders don't have to spend sleepless nights checking their investments every minute. This provides the space to continue with the development while having a strong community of supporters and investors.
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