Features in-depth
Read about the features of the project and contract and understand them through detailed explanations.

Holders rewards

We are implementing a brand new idea to the popular frictionless yield concept. What we wanted to create is a reward system that will reduce dump pressure from holder's rewards and give the holders a choice from a variety of tokens to choose from. Each holder shall get rewards through the Claiming Dapp but in tokens of their own choice! When Octaplex launches there will be a variety of 7 different tokens to choose your rewards from: $BNB $BUSD $BTC $ADA $ETH $MATIC & $PLX. So each holders may choose up to 6 different tokens and choose their own percentages in which they shall get their rewards. An example of a choice would be the following: - 40% $eth - 20% in $bnb - 20% in $plx - 15% in $btc - 5% in $busd. So everyone can choose up to 6 tokens to get rewards from, and any number of tokens up to 6 different - you may choose only one if you prefer it. Default setting will be 100% rewards in $BNB until a holder makes a choice of their own. Octaplex wishes to include the community in choosing new tokens as EVERY WEEK there will be a new token added to the list!


Unlike other projects where one receives a token of developer's choice, Octaplex project enables holders to choose their own preference of rewards. Claiming dapp is where a user can choose their own choice of rewards in the ratios they prefer. Users are able to choose if they wish to use the auto-claim function or claim their rewards manually through the dapp. Default settings include a 100% claim in $BNB until the users selects their preference of tokens.

Price stabilizing mechanics

Multiple tokens rewards system.

Since $plx is one of the 7 different tokens to choose from at launch, it will significantly reduce the sell pressure since there are 6 more tokens that holders can choose from.

Buy back and burn function.

As each transaction includes a buy back tax, the contract will automatically buy back some $plx tokens and then burn them afterwards. This will increase the price and decrease the total supply, increasing the value of each token.

Sell tax system.

The sell tax mechanism will incentivize holding, as the longer time passes from launch - the less the selling tax will be + more rewards are accumulated the longer a wallet holds $plx tokens.


The contract has an incorporated automatic lottery which works effortlessly; without the need to manually enter the lottery system. It automatically provides a 5% chance on every buy order to recieve a 2x multiplier in $plx tokens.


There is a dedicated "pot" for airdrop allocations. Any wallet which holds more than 10 $plx tokens shall be eligible in the airdrop lottery. Once every 5 hours the contract will auto roll the airdrop lottery and airdrop 3 random wallets from the dedicated "pot". Our lottery and airdrop systems give the contract a fun aspect, as there are lot's of opportunities to be surprised by a a bit of extra funds!
Our contract is thoroughly written so that in incorporates the best mechanisms from the deflationary, yield and lottery aspects. It is made after an in-depth research of the markets to ensure a maximum opportunity to have a long-term and a stable price growth.
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